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Alabama Psychological Association

Advancing Minds, Transforming Lives

Psychologists As Advocates:

Elevating Important Issues & Amplifying Voices

Want to get involved in state or federal advocacy efforts with aPA? Email info@alapsych.org for more information! We'd love to have you and YOUR voice makes a difference! 

Great resources if you are unsure where to start in your advocacy journey

 Donate to the Alabama State Psychological Association Advocacy Fund

Your mental health and well-being are crucial, and so is access to quality mental healthcare. The aPA advocacy fund plays a vital role in shaping policies that impact you, your loved ones, and your community. Here's why donating matters:

1. Protect Access to Care: We fight for legislation that expands access to affordable, evidence-based mental healthcare services, ensuring everyone has the support they need.

2. Champion Professional Standards: We advocate for regulations that uphold high ethical and professional standards, guaranteeing quality care from qualified psychologists.

3. Influence Insurance Coverage: We work to ensure fair and adequate insurance coverage for mental health services, reducing financial barriers to treatment.

4. Promote Equity and Inclusion: We advocate for policies that address disparities in mental healthcare access for marginalized communities, promoting inclusivity and equal opportunity.

5. Invest in Mental Health Research: We support funding for research that advances our understanding of mental health and develops cutting-edge treatments, leading to better care for everyone.

Your donation, no matter the size, makes a difference. It fuels our advocacy efforts, allowing us to fight for policies that protect your mental health, promote well-being, and build a brighter future for everyone in our state.

Join us in making a positive impact. Donate to the aPA advocacy fund today by filing out the form below!

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